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AC Service

When Should You Have an AC Service Done?

It is recommended that you have an AC service done on your air conditioning unit at least one time per year. During an AC service, a heating and cooling professional will inspect your Mississauga, ON, Canada air conditioning unit. During this inspection, they will be looking to see if your unit is functioning properly and if any repairs are needed. During an AC service, a professional will also clean your air conditioning unit, replace any dirty filters and oil parts within the system. As a homeowner, you may wonder when you should have an AC service done. Some people prefer to schedule their AC service during the spring months, before warm summer temperatures hit. Others prefer to do so in the fall, after their unit has been used all summer. Either option is fine, as long as you consistently keep up the annual service. When you need to have an AC service completed, turn to us here at HVAC Consultants.